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doitBau® deventt

Highly vapour permeable sarking membrane

This roofing underlay consists of two polypropylene layers and an inner functional membrane. It particularly distinguishes itself by its high vapour permeability. It is also available as doitBau® deventt SK with acrylic self-adhesive strips.

  • ƒƒAccording to ÖNORM B 4119 and compliant with the latest ZVDH (German Roofer Union) fact sheets UDB-B / USB-A
  • ƒHighly vapour permeable
  • ƒƒTear resistant
  • ƒDriving rain-proof and draught-proof

Technical data

Material Spunbond Polypropylene Resistantance to water penetration W1
Composition Three-ply Resistance to weather condition 3 months
Colour Grey / White Durability (artificial ageing) Pass
Basis weight 120 g/m² Product Type UDB-B / USB-A compliant with ZVDH
Sd value 0,02 m Flammability DIN EN 13501-1: Class E
Tear resistance Lengthwise 230 N/5 cm, crosswise 130 N/5 cm CE marking EN 13859-1:2010
Ultimate Elongation Lengthwise 45 % crosswise 55 % Area of Application According to ÖNORM B 4119 and ZVDH
Resistance to tearing (nail shank) Lengthwise 135 N, crosswise 185 N