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doitBau® deflexx BUTYL

Diffusion tight aluminium butyl adhesive tape

This flexible tape’s butyl rubber adhesive distinguishes itself by its great peel strength on various substrates. Its carrier is made from tear resistant, UV stabilised aluminium and therefore especially qualified for roof repairs or for the airtight and diffusion tight sealing of films and other sheetings. It can be additionally used for closing gaps and joints in masonry, concrete and wood or for permanently sealing pipelines and ventilation ducts in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems or for covering sheet metal ducts.

  • ƒHigh elongation and tear resistance
  • ƒVery high resistance to ageing and water
  • ƒVersatile applications: reliably bonds and seals metal, plastic, bricks, concrete and wood

Technical data

Material Alu PETP composite Total thickness (without composite layer) Ca. 1,0 mm
Adhesive Aluminium butyl rubber Tear resistance Ca. 60 N/25 mm
Colour Mill finish aluminium / grey Ultimate elongation >10 %
Carrier thickness 0,025 mm Temperature range -30 °C bis +80 °C