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doitBau® febandd OUT

Vapour permeable system adhesive tape for window installations

This nonwoven fabric and foil combination with self-adhesive strips is perfectly suited for the exterior sealing of door and window joints according to RAL standards.

  • ƒVapour permeable
  • ƒSuitable for renovation and new construction
  • ƒHigh strength bonding on all window frames
  • ƒCan be plastered and painted over
  • ƒEasy installation
  • ƒHigh elongation

Technical data

Adhesive Modifies acrylate dispersion Fibre-foil composition PES- PE- PES
Carrier colour White Waterproof >2000 mm
Basis weight 160 g/m² Driving rain-proof >600 Pa
Thickness (without cover) 0,43 mm Temperature range -40 °C bis +80 °C
Release liner White siliconised paper Application temperature +5 °C bis +40 °C
Sd value 0,05 m Resistance to ageing Very good
Tear resistance Lengthwise 301 N/5 cm Crosswise 34 N/5 cm Possiblity to plaster over Given
Ultimate elongation Lengthwise 18 % crosswise 132 % WVTR - Water Vapour Transmission Rate 0,96 g/m² x d
    Flammability DIN EN 13501-1 : Class E