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doitBau® Thermoschlagdübel TSDL-V

Retractable (hammer-drive) insulation anchor with steel nail

This insulation anchor‘s innovative steel nail is especiallyoptimized for thermal bridging. It is additionally equipped with a special head sealing that protects the nail from moisture or corrosion and effectively prevents heat loss. A further advantage is its flush installation. The washer can be completely embedded into the insulation material, due to its patented special hinge area. It is also perfectly suited for problematic substrates as its extended and moisture resistant expansion legs provide a strong hold. It offers particular security by its three-parted anchorage, which guarantees a high clamping force with a consistent contribution of force as well as an excellent pullout resistance.

  • ƒƒGripping head ensures render bonding
  • ƒPlaster saving due to flush mounting
  • ƒHigh hold values due to galvanized steel nail with serrated shank
  • ƒOptimal centric nail guidance
  • According to ETAG 014 and ETA 004 within system

Technical data

Material Galvanized steel naill Use categories A, B, C
Anchor body Polypropylene Suitable Base Materials Concrete, hollow block, porous constructions (restricted use), solid brick, natural stone
Washer diameter 62 mm Thermal conductivity (chi) 0,002 W/K
Anchorage depth 30 mm ÖNORM B 6124
Installation Hammer-in