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doitBau® SilikatTOP

Pasty silicate-based render finish

This environmentally valuable render finish distinguishes itself by its excellent weather resistance and high processability. The render’s vapour permeable consistency is waterproof and stain resistant at the same time. It is an integral part of the doitBau® external thermal insulation composite systems.

  • Vapour permeable
  • ƒWater-repellent
  • Environmentally friendly and low in odour
  • European Technical Approval ETA- 12/0563

Technical data

Material Silicates, organic binders, mineral fillers, colour pigments, additives, water Dry bulk density Approx. 1500 kg/m³
pH value 12 (at a1 % water mixture) Water requirement 4,5 l to 6,0 l/pail (depending on grain size)
Consumption 2,8 kg/m2 to 4,0 kg/m2 (depending on grain size)