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doitBau® Frameseal Bead

Self-adhesive window stop profile for doitBau® external thermal insulation composite systems

This reveal bead is perfect for outdoor use as the decoupled plastic profile is especially designed for the driving rain-proof connection of render and building components such as windows and doors. It is also available as doitBau® Frameseal Bead II with an integrated high quality fiberglass fabric..

  • ƒƒUV-stable
  • ƒLeaves no scratch marks on the frame
  • ƒSelf-adhesive, removable protective flap

Technical data

Material Self-adhesive white plastic profile with PE sealing tape Fabric width 12,5 cm
Movement capability Max. 2 mm Sealing tape 14 x 4 mm
    Consumption Approx. 1,1 lfm/m²