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doitBau® SilikatCOLOR

Ready-to-use silicate paint for doitBau® thermal insulation composite systems

Due to its water repellent and highly vapour permeable properties, this paint is versatile in use as a coating for decoration, renovation and protection, especially outdoors.

  • ƒEuropean Technical Approval ETA-12/0563
  • ƒWeather resistant
  • ƒƒHighly vapour permeable and water-repellent

Technical data

Material Mineral fillings and binders, silicates, colourants, additives, water Application temperature +5 °C bis +25 °C
pH value 12 (with a 1 % water mixture) Drying time between coats At least 24 hours
Volume density 1500 kg/m³ Drying time Approx. 24 hours
Consumption, smooth substrate 0,12 – 0,20 l/m² (1 layer) Complete hardening Approx. 24 hours
Consumption, rough substrate 0,20 – 0,28 l/m2 (1 layer)