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doitBau® MineralTOP light

Fine mineral render with smooth finish

This structured top coat can be used for a variety of purposes and is suited for all doitBau® external thermal insulation composite systems. MineralTOP light adheres perfectly to concrete, old render and gypsum plaster boards.

  • Open natural structure
  • ƒƒHighly durable and vapour permeable
  • ƒEuropean Technical Approval ETA- 12/0563

Technical data

Material Cement, organic bonding agents, sands, additives Dry bulk density Approx. 1.700 kg/m³
pH value 12 (at a 1 % water mixture) Water requirement 4,5 l to 6,0 l/bag (depending on grain size)
Consumption on smooth substrate 3 kg/m³ to 4 kg/m³ (depending on grain size) Surface structure Scheibenputz (smooth finish)