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Grey fibrous bonding compound for mineral fibre insulations

This fibre reinforced adhesive is especially suited for bonding mineral fibre insulations and for setting up a render system. It is part of the doitBau® thermal insulation composite system “Mineral”.

  • Smooth handling
  • Suitable for bonding and embedding
  • Highly vapour permeable
  • Waterproofing additives for hydrophobicity

Technical data

Material Cement, organic bonding agents, sands, additives Dry bulk density 1.350 - 1.600 kg/m³
pH value 12 (with a 1 % water mixture) Water requirement 4,5 l - 5,0 l/bag
Consumption Bonding: Approx. 4,0 kg/m² Levelling: Approx. 5,0 kg/m²