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doitBau® EPS-F 032 WDVS

Expanded polystyrene facade insulation board

The rough surface of these non-shrinking facade insulation boards, made from polystyrene particle foam, offers an ideal grip for adhesive and reinforcing mortars. Its approved insulating characteristics qualify them as a part of the doitBau® thermal insulation composite system “EPS”.

  • ƒReasonably priced with excellent thermal insulation properties
  • ƒAccording to ÖNORM B 6000
  • General building permission

Technical data

Material Expanded polystyrenel Tensile strength (perpendicular to the panel surface) =100 kPa
Colour Anthracite Compressive strength at 10 % compression =70 kPa
Exural strength =115 kPa Thermal conductivity 0,032 W/mK
Density =15 kg/m³ Designation Code EPS EN 13163 T2-L2-W2-S1-P4-BS115- CS(10)70-DS(N)2-DS(70,-)2-TR100
Measurements 1,0 m x 0,5 m Flammability DIN EN 13501-1 : Class E