50 Year System Warranty

Others promise quality – we guarantee it

We want to offer our customers more than just the mere standard.

The extraordinary quality of our system products for air and windtight building envelopes provides not only the important foundation for our particular competence in pitched roofs and facades, but also allows an especially long attainment of performance.

That’s why our customers benefit as well from the high, easy processing and environmentally friendly economic efficiency of our product range as from a warranty which surpasses regulations by far. Because doitBau® offers a warranty for the air and windtight sealing in roof areas that lasts not merely for five years but for half a century.

50 Year System Warranty

doitBau® not only offers free replacement of defective products or an equivalent financial compensation under this warranty but also bears all related cost for disassembling and reassembling up to a grand total of 30.000 Euro..

The warranty refers to doitBau® system products which have only been processed professionally according to their designated use by a specially trained craftsman (qualified by a doitBau® academy training). Precondition is a passed blower-door-test proving the roof construction’s working airtightness.

Warranty terms and conditions

The warranty is bound to the processing of the concerned products according to DIN 4108-7 or the basic rules and definitions of the German Roofer Union (ZVDH) concerning temporary roofing or temporary waterproofing. All installations have to be carried out by a qualified professional.

The warranty only includes doitBau®system products that have been processed according to the warrantor’s latest manuals, technical data sheets and the generally acknowledged state of the art. An exact summary table can be found here



The warranty is valid from the construction approval of the building with the respective properly installed doitBau® products by the developer or his responsible inspector - but at the latest within twelve months after installing the doitBau® system products. All expanded guarantee claims expire six months after their first written notification and may not be assigned.

All doitBau® manuals, processing guidelines, product information and further technical statements only describe the product’s condition at the time of production. The expanded guarantee excludes defective doitBau® products which faults should have been noticeable to the processor/user prior or during the installation. Defects caused by improper use / application or force majeure, such as extraordinary weather events (storm, hail), are as well excluded as all disintegrations or damages due to external influences and emissions. Areas of application are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France with its current climatic conditions and average sun radiation.

Warranty Claims

If any manufacturing or material defect influencing the bonding and thereby the requirements of the building envelope occur within the initial warranty period of the listed system products, doitBau® commits itself to product replacement and a compensation of all costs caused by the defect’s consequential damage - compliant with local wages and disposal charges and as far as they are covered in the context of the company’s product liability.

Investigation of the cause under inclusion of the company doitBau® is necessary before claim settlement. The warrantor is at liberty to carry out on-the-spot inspections of the defects (once or several times) and to take samples of the products under complaint as well as of the involved materials and construction elements if necessary. The warrantor is also free to attend all conversations/negotiations with third parties concerning the deficiency in question. Any disposals or rectifications of defects need the permission of the warrantor.

Claims asserted under this expanded warranty must be reported in writing within four weeks after the occurrence of possible defects. The processing establishment has to give the batch number and prove the correct installation and construction according to processing guide lines. Furthermore, an original blower door test report, performed with an air density of ≤ 1,5 1/h and executed directly after the construction’s completion and before the installation of an interior cladding, has to be attached to the notice of defect. The warranty holder is obligated to proof the prerequisites of the present warranty in the event of dispute.

This expanded warranty applies in addition to our terms and conditions (as at 07/2013), which is the basis of all deliveries. German law shall apply as well as the company’s place of jurisdiction.